Aeditua Elizabeth

Aeditua Elizabeth
Elizabeth with her quickly-growing Titan Sunflower in August of 2020, at home in Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Hamilton Correll is a High Priestess of the Correllian Nativist Tradition.  Currently 32, she found Correllianism over 16 years ago, when she was a teenager.  Since then, she has had the opportunity to grow, study, learn, teach, and initiate others.  Elizabeth found Hecate not long after she became  a member of the Correllian Tradition; Janus has always been with her, but it has only been in the last three years she was ready to recognize Him.  

In the Spring of 2018, Elizabeth discovered Demeter, and held Her later that Autumn. That same Spring was when Elizabeth planted her first sunflower during Demeter's Ritual, and she has attempted to grow at least one every year since.  They hold special significance for her.

Elizabeth enjoys music, photography, playing video games, and getting lost down rabbit-holes on YouTube/Tumblr/etc.  Learning new things is also right up her alley.  She has hosted podcasts for over 8 years, though not concurrently (there is a plan in her head for podcasting again, too!).  In recent months, she's been introduced to the delights of fibercraft – beginning with spinning wool into yarn.

She has been a cat-mom to three cats, and she's the proud Auntie of four niblings (nieces and nephews).  Currently, she lives with her Mom in Pennsylvania, enjoying good wine, good books, and more of the little things life has to offer, like homemade vanilla extract and sparkly lights above her bed.

Published January 5th, Year 21 Aq. (2021 CE)