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Oct 5, 2021

October - Mundus Patet

Our October Calendae was a big hit, with nine attendees! Thank you everyone who showed up! For October, we celebrated the Roman ritual of Mundus Patet, which translates as, "The Earth is open"

Sep 3, 2021

September - Ludi Romani

For September's Calendae we celebrated the Ludi Romani, or Roman Games, by competing together in a set of three online games through the Jackbox platform. About the Ludi Romani: What began as a

Aug 19, 2021

August - Hecatalia

Thanks to SJ Tucker for her wonderful song Hekate's Blues, which seemed like just the things to start this post with. As part of trying to get the site rolling properly, we're going

Aug 16, 2021

Oh, right. We have a blog.

We're bad at this, apparently. So. It's August 2021, and NAI is still going strong, and still gaining people and momentum. We've held Calendae every month since January, and Wine and Divine (our

Jan 8, 2021

Wine and Divination Night

Wine and Divination Night

In honor of Hecate, we will be holding a Wine and Divination Night on January 12, 2021, on the Gather site. This is not a ritual, but is mostly an excuse to hang