January 20, 2021

Our New YouTube Channel! First video is up!

Greetings, friends!  I was finally able to focus long enough to upload our first video to NAI's brand new YouTube channel – HOORAY!  One of the most important things we can do as members of Nova Aedes Iani is to document all of the things we do together as a group.  This makes for a rich history, and also allows us to go back and watch, and reflect on how much we've all grown together!

If you can, please take a moment and subscribe to our new YouTube channel!

I am also thrilled by the turnout – we had so many folks attend not only NAI's Dedication Ritual (ten people) on January 3rd, but also our first Wine and Divination Night, which we held on January 12th!  I lost count of how many people showed up for the Wine and Divination, because people were organically coming and going – and I'm glad that each and every person who showed up could come hang out together, even if it wasn't for the entire time! (I think we had around 10 to 12 people that night.)

Io, Janus! Io, Hecate!