January 5, 2021



On January 4, 2021, ten people gathered at our Gather.Town site to build an astral temple and dedicate both that and the group to the worship and mysteries of Janus and Hecate. The ritual was a big success and went over well with the participants, we are proud to say.

This was also a sort of test-run for the liturgy of the Calendae rituals we plan to hold every month, as we included the January Calendae. Here's a sample of our ritual:


In online ritual, one person reads this off while everyone imagines walking the Road together.

We traverse the Long Road, which has no end,

That we take from birth until death

But which extends before us and behind us

Around us now it goes, as we step beyond

The confines of the world that others know.

We all take one step off the Road into the space within to stand by the altar.

Here at the center of all things,

Here at the crossroads,

Here at the doorsill,

Here at the beginning and end,

Here at the point of choosing,

Here we make our prayers and our magic.

*Quarter Calls:  Because the Roman Day began at midnight, and North is the corresponding quarter of midnight, the NAI has chosen to begin with quarter-calls in the North.


To the North, stands the Threshold!

The Door of Embodiment

Sturdy and strong! Defining here-from-there!

And over which all must pass,

In their first steps onto the Long Road.

Open is the Night-Door!


To the East, the shining Dawn-Door yawns

Open wide, through which the Sun touches

Our creative eye. Thus do we begin,

So blesséd by Gods-Sight!

Blesséd are we, as windswept voices cry:

Open is the Dawn-Door!


To the South, the blazing Noon-Door burns;

The Door of Burning Will

Jambs and lintel, hold fast in the fires!

We pass through to gain the flame.

Open is the Noon-Door!


To the West, stands the Dusk-Door!

The Door of Mystery, which

Not all can see nor touch

But from it we glean the wisdom

of those who've gone before!

Open is the Dusk-Door!

Calendae rituals will be open to anyone of good will who wants to join us, and will include divination on and blessings for the new month and any new ventures planned for it. If you're interested in attending one, please contact us at newtempleofjanus@gmail.com.

We hope that you'll be intrigued by that taste, and want to know more!

Watch for an announcement of our February Calendae!