Our January Calendae was very successful! We visited our astral temple, reinforced it, found new things there, and also built Year Shrines for ourselves, at which to pray for success, health and luck!

Here is the script of the ritual, for anyone who could not make the ritual but wishes to visit the temple and/or build a Year Shrine.


Calendae Ianuarius -- January’s Ritual

Purgation Chant; Purgationis Canta

Haec aqua benedicta
Sit nobis salus et vita
Purga carnem
Purga mentem
Purga animum

Haec suffimen benedicta
Sit nobis salus et vita
Purga carnem
Purga mentem
Purga animum

This blessed water,
let it be life and health!
Cleanse the body,
cleanse the mind,
cleanse the spirit.

This blessed smoke,
let it be life and health!
Cleanse the body,
cleanse the mind,
cleanse the spirit.



We traverse the Long Road, which has no end,
That we take from birth until death
But which extends before us and behind us
Around us now it goes, as we step beyond
The confines of the world that others know.

We all take one step off the Road into the space within to stand by the altar.

Here at the center of all things,
Here at the crossroads,
Here at the doorsill,
Here at the beginning and end,
Here at the point of choosing,
Here we make our prayers and our magic.

*Quarter Calls:  Because the Roman Day began at midnight, and North is the corresponding quarter of midnight, the NAI has chosen to begin with quarter-calls in the North.


To the North, stands the Threshold!
The Door of Embodiment
Sturdy and strong! Defining here-from-there!
And over which all must pass,
In their first steps onto the Long Road.
Open is the Night-Door!


To the East, the shining Dawn-Door yawns
Open wide, through which the Sun touches
Our creative eye. Thus do we begin,
So blesséd by Gods-Sight!
Blesséd are we, as windswept voices cry:
Open is the Dawn-Door!


To the South, the blazing Noon-Door burns;
The Door of Burning Will
Jambs and lintel, hold fast in the fires!
We pass through to gain the flame.
Open is the Noon-Door!


To the West, stands the Dusk-Door!
The Door of Mystery, which
Not all can see nor touch
But from it we glean the wisdom
of those who've gone before!
Open is the Dusk-Door!

Invocation of Janus (Liz)

We call upon Ianus of the Two Faces
Who sees to both ends of time
By whose hand all doors are opened
By whose hand all doors are closed
And who rises agleam in the darkness
We open the Road and the Door to you

Invocation of Hecate (Rebecca Lynn)

We call upon Hecate of the Three Forms
Who sees the result of every choice
Under whose eye every choice is made
Under whose eye every road is traveled
And who walks through the three realms
We open the Road and the Door to you

Ianian Ancestors (Liz)

We call upon the Ianian Ancestors
Those who have worshiped Him down the ages,
Openers and Closers of doors and years,
Those who began events and those who ended them
And those who let others in when asked
We open the Road and the Door to you

Hecataean Ancestors (Rebecca Lynn)

We call upon the Hecataean Ancestors
Those who have worshiped Her down the ages,
Witches and priestesses, dogs and snakes,
Those who came to the crossroads and asked
And those who made their choices and walked on
We open the Road and the Door to you

Temple Ancestors (Liz)

We call upon the Ancestors of the Temple
Those who moved us along this Road,
Those who opened the Doors for us
That this Temple might come to be
So that we might do the same for others
We open the Road and the Door to you


Closing of the door on the old month

For 365 days, we have held open the door to let 2021 come through, and for 31 days we held the door open for December. Now it is time to close the door both on 2021 and on December! Let the old which we have no use for pass out of this temple and our lives, while we retain the old that we cherish! The door is closed!

Et sic fiat!

Opening of the door to the new month

We open the door now to the new month, to the new year! Welcome in, 2022! Welcome in, January! We open the Road and the Door to you! Come in, that we may know you! Come in, that we may find new opportunities in your days and nights!

Et sic fiat!

Rebecca Lynn

This month, we celebrate Ianus, our patron! We will do two things: Renew and explore our astral temple, and build year shrines for ourselves.

Before we get to the explanation of the year shrine, relax, sit back, and visit our astral temple.


Let us now take a few deep breaths and close your eyes, and extend our astral senses towards the Hill of Janus, or the Ianiculum in Rome.

To get to the top of this hill, we walk together, on one or several of the three possible paths towards its summit.  It is an easy walk, a steady incline towards the top of the Ianiculum. The path is well-worn; and it’s a sugar loaf hill, being quite long and flat at the top, instead of rounded off.  You may feel a pleasantness in the air, a quiet, purposeful, celebratory intention.

Rebecca Lynn

The Temple is a sturdy, rectangular building, which has been painted night-sky black, with gold-leaf designs aplenty.  There is a door at the back of the temple, which from our vantage-point we cannot see, and a door at the front, which comes into sight as we reach the crest of the hill.

However, the first thing you really notice when we come to the top of the hill is not the Temple, but the three-faced statue of Hekate. Its construction is of marble, and it’s painted in lifelike colors; She wears bright saffron robes, and keys hang from the belt She wears. Her three Faces are angled to look down each of the three paths.


Each side of the grand entryway is flanked by two black, marble columns.  The entrance itself is a double arched door that would swing outward when it opens. Atop the door is a triangular lintel.  Within the lintel is the strophalos of Hecate.

Before the door is a pedestal holding up a bowl and a pitcher of clear water. A familiar cleansing chant goes up, while each of us in turn holds the pitcher for another, pouring out endless water to wash each other’s hands with, and in turn each of us holds their hands under the stream.  Towels for washing one’s face and drying one’s hands are nearby.  We take our time with this, the cleansing of ourselves, before our attention returns to the double doors.

Rebecca Lynn

Each side of the door has a large keyhole beneath the big rings held in the mouths of two snakes, that serve as the handles. Your priestesses each bring out a large bronze key, fitting them together into the two locks and turning them, one clockwise, the other counterclockwise.

The doors are flung open with the cry, "SALVE IANUS!"


Within is a single long room. You hear the familiar chant again as we walk inside. To either side of the doors stands a huge censer, creating a curtain of smoke. At the far end is another set of doors, which matches the one through which you enter. Before it is a statue of Janus seated in a curving, backless chair, one face viewing each door. In the center is a stone block of an altar, carved with the forms of Janus and Hekate, topped with a large bronze bowl for offerings. All around are large burning oil lamps, bathing everything in their glow.

The floor is tiled with mosaics:  Depictions of the creation of the world, beginning with the World Egg.  Janus and Hekate first meeting, learning from each other, passing this knowledge down to their children and their people through the ages.  Keys, gates, roads.  A progression of the history of humanity, from the earliest days of multiple species of humans at the near end, to the ever-moving Now at the far end. What is beyond Now is for Janus to see, not for us. Through the mosaic winds a network of roads, connecting various events. This is the Long Road of life and of history. Around the altar, though, it forms a perfect circle. This is the circle that, every Calendae, we step into the center of, as we step into the center of all things. There, we already stand, even as we explore the Temple around us.


Now we look to the sides of the Temple. Down each of the long sides of the temple are six altars, one for each month, totaling twelve, for the twelve months of the year. To the left of the front door, and closest to it, is one marked IANUARIUS. Let us make an offering here on incense, on the coals ready in the brazier, and speak Proclus the philosopher’s Hymn to Hekate and Janus. The incense for January is cedar, fir, frankincense and patchouli.

Hail, many-named Mother of the Gods, whose children are fair
Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold
And hail to you also Forefather Janus, Imperishable Zeus
Hail to you Zeus most high.
Shape the course of my life with luminous Light
And make it laden with good things,
Drive sickness and evil from my limbs.
And when my soul rages about worldly things,
Deliver me purified by your soul-stirring rituals.
Yes, lend me your hand I pray
And reveal to me the pathways of divine guidance that I long for,
Then shall I gaze upon that precious Light
Whence I can flee the evil of our dark origin.
Yes, lend me your hand I pray,
And when I am weary bring me to the haven of piety with your winds.
Hail, many-named Mother of the Gods, whose children are fair
Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold
And hail to you also Forefather Janus, Imperishable Zeus,
Hail to you Zeus most high.

The Year Shrine - Rebecca Lynn

Now, we come to the Year Shrines. Because our Patron is Janus, god of the year’s cycle, I propose that we make a new shrine each January, which will hold tokens of your aspirations for the year, at which you can pray for new beginnings, and more. I’ve linked on the server a Year Compass pamphlet, which you may wish to complete and keep on your Year Shrine as well. If not, you may wish to choose a word for the year, and write the word somewhere on your shrine.

Things to pray for at your Year Shrine:

- Health
- Prosperity
- Abundance
- Community
- Spirituality
- Growth
- Change
- Activism

This year, we will be teaching how to use the Oracle of Janus, and you may wish to keep the coins for that on your Year Shrine as well.

So. Set up your lamp or candle in the center. Its light will stand for the light of the Janus and Hekate, shining upon us in this year. The salt, for purity of purpose, goes to one side, and the incense, for the sweet smell of success, to the other, but which is which is up to you. Before the lamp goes the offering dish. When you have these things set up, light your lamp, then light the incense, pour milk or wine into the dish, and put the cake or roll beside the offering dish.

Year Shrine Prayer

Ianvs, open the way to prosperity, and let the gates glitter so we may recognize it.
Hecate, guide us on the Long Road as we seek better health.
Mighty Duo, Beloved to us, bless us with Abundance.
May this community grow stronger every day.
May our spirituality blossom like flowers in springtime, and fruits in summer.
Bless us to become the change, and in so becoming, we pray to change the world for the betterment of our people.
May our prayers, our workings, and our activism blend seamlessly with the comings and goings of our lives: for everything is magick.
Let us go forward, hand-in-hand, held in the light and love of You, O Ianvs and Hecate.

Divination and blessings for new ventures

Div for anybody who wants it. Use Oracle of Janus.

Blessing for Starting New Projects, Ventures, etc.

Ianvs of the Liminal, Ianvs of the Moments Between Choices,
You Who closes old doors and open new ones,
Hear now our new projects and ventures, and bless us and our works!
May we be blessed in Your Name for the success of these adventures, from the beginning to the end.

Et sic fiat!

Hecate of the Triune Crossroads, Hecate of Magick and Wisdom,
You Who holds the keys to many locked gates, and You Who gives wisdom to travellers,
Hear now our new projects and ventures, and bless us and us works!
May we all be blessed in Your Name, with the wit and strength to make hard decisions,
Should the need arise.

Et sic fiat!


Janus and Hecate,
God of the Doors and Goddess of the Crossroads;
Ancestors of Temple and of Worship
Of Spirit and of Blood;
Spirits of the land, of the sky, and of the sea
Spirits of house and home, family and self
We make these offerings and libations
Of food and wine
From our homes and our tables
We invite you to dinner with us
As you are our family
May these things please you

Et sic fiat!


Be joyful and merry, be filled with hope for the future, and be filled with wisdom for your decisions to be made, for you set out into a new month [and year], a new adventure! May Janus bless all your efforts, and Hecate bless all your choices, in this new month and beyond!

We give thanks
to the Ancestors of the Temple,
to the Hecataean Ancestors,
to the Ianian Ancestors!
You have witnessed and taken part in our rites.
Go now in peace and love!
Salvete et Valete, Hail and Farewell!

We give thanks to Janus and to Hecate!
You have blessed us with your presence in these rites!
Continue to bless us as we go forth into the world again!
Guide us and care for us as we open new doors
And make fresh choices!
Salvete et Valete, Hail and Farewell!

In the West, the Door of Mystery stands
Waiting ever for us to find new things within
But for now, we close that door.
Salve et Vale, Hail and Farewell!

In the South, the Door of Will stands
Where burns the flame of our focus and power
But for now, we close that door.
Salve et Vale, Hail and Farewell!

In the East, the Door of the Sun stands
Through which ever streams the light of inspiration
But for now, we close that door.
Salve et Vale, Hail and Farewell!

In the North, the Door of Beginnings stands
Through which the new day creeps every night
But for now, we close that door.
Salve et Vale, Hail and Farewell!

Leaving the Circle

Now our holy rites are finished.
Now our sacred work is done.
It is time to re-enter the mundane world
To return once more to the course of time
Let us step back from the center of all things
Back onto the Long Road that encircles us.

We step onto it, we process counter-clockwise and onto the other paths, streaming together towards the open door behind the statue of Janus. The door through which we entered is already closed. As we leave the Temple of Janus, we see a fountain just outside the door. We reach out and touch the water flowing from the fountain as it falls, letting the energy of ritual flow freely and fall with it, the excess returning to the temple grounds to be reused. With our hands, we trace the path of the falling water slowly, and plunge our hands at last into the basin of the fountain and touch the marble at the bottom. The last of the ritual energy slips from us, and we feel again mundane life surrounding us, but we return to it renewed and energized, ready for the new month.