September 3, 2021

September - Ludi Romani

For September's Calendae we celebrated the Ludi Romani, or Roman Games, by competing together in a set of three online games through the Jackbox platform.

About the Ludi Romani:

What began as a single day of games before the Kings fell in prehistoric days eventually stretched to 16 days of competition in various things, not unlike the ancient (and modern) Olympic games... only instead of dividing up regionally, there were two factions in the city, the Red and the White, and everybody in the city picked a side and rooted for their team. Each contest had two competitors, one for each faction. The winner took a laurel wreath, in the Greek fashion, which he (because, of course, this being Rome, they were all men) kept for the rest of his life, and which was laid on his coffin when he died.

The Games were dedicated to Iove or Iupiter, known to the Greeks as Zeus, king of the Olympus. On the Ides of September, in the midst of the Games, was the Epulum Iovis, a feast which honored Iove, as well as Iuno and Minerva, who with Iove made up the Capitoline Triad, the three chief gods of Rome. The statues of these three gods were brought to a feast hall and placed on sumptuous couches, and the face of Iove was painted with red lead, as if he were a victorious general at a Triumph. Fine food was served to the statues, and they were celebrated as honored guests.

Invocation of Iove:

We call upon Capitoline Iove, King of the Gods
Lord of the Sky, Keeper of Thunder and Lightning
You who are the welcomer of guests and foreigners
Patron of heroes, those who quest and strive
Master of glory and bestower of victories
In whose honor we compete today
To whom we offer food and wine
No matter who wins, no matter who loses
Grant all of us good health and plenty

A good time was had by all!